Monday, December 19, 2011

Making a Sustainable Lifestyle a Habit

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  1. I like your ideas and suggestions. We've lived in our earth sheltered home since 1984 and in 2007 dug out the west side and put in a bathroom/laundry room and an electric pump on another self driven well. Still have the outhouse and the handpumped well in the kitchen by the sink. We still heat water for the kitchen in the sauna which also doesn't have running water, but a 12volt bilge pump attached to a low flow shower head we stick in a water vessel which stays hot by cogeneration all during the heating season. Whew...I'm making this a long comment about one item you mentioned. The washing machine. We bought a top loading Fisher-Paykel ecosmart in 2007 and love it. Energy and water saving.

    Product Description: Fisher & Paykel EcoSmart WA42T26GW1 White 25" Washer
    25-inch Top-Load Washer with 4.2 cu. ft capacity uses only 24 percent of the energy of a traditional washer. Complete the laundry in up to half the time of a frontloader, 1000rpm spin saves up to 30 percent time and energy in the dryer. This super capacity washer with unique brushless DC motor and smart electronics increases reliability with no belts, brakes, pulleys, clutches or gearboxes.

    This is the washer we decided on 4 years ago and haven't regretted it. It uses much less water and energy, and extracts most of the water out before ending the spin cycle. Saves on drying.

    We run it off of an inverter at 120 volt, which is what it requires...even though it has a DC motor.

    Made in USA.;_ylt=AiaC7vvYmzMl_jbqTkLY8oQrDb4F

  2. Thanks much for the kind words. I love the photos of your home on your blog.
    Thanks also for the washer info... I too have found efficient top-loaders from companies dedicated to "the cause" (shall we say). My broad comment on front loaders really applies to mainstream brands.
    I loved our Equator brand combo washer/dryer (; but when it needed repair, it was HORRIBLE trying to find someone who would work on the "odd" brand. Fortunately, I had purchased the extended warranty (specifically because the brand was not mainstream) and after a protracted ...hmmm, what is the best description... sparring match (LOL), they sent a replacement machine and did not want the problematic machine back. So we kept it for spare parts and ended up needing it for that purpose when the new machine had a different repair issue. By the by, I did finally find someone to repair that second machine... seems the combo washer/dryer design is used a great deal in RVs. The repairman was willing to work on it with the understanding that he couldn't guarantee much since the brand was not only not mainstream (by that time) but also practically non-existent. I don't remember if the company sold out to someone else or went out of business. It's tough for the little guys to compete and while I prefer working and buying from them... it's usually too costly for the average family to go that route.
    Anyway... long story to explain why I like to promote mainstream companies when they make the effort to join "the cause".
    I can ramble on and on, so I'll stop now by saying, please chime in often!